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2482John T. McInnis

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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Aug 1 5:27 PM
      John T. McInnis Printing & Publishing was the small printshop which
      put out Esther Baldwin York's book "Scarf of Stars," and Emily Carey
      Alleman's "The Gypsy Heart," both illustrated by Don Blanding.

      I came across this mention of the print shop on the internet:

      127-145 SOUTH OLIVE 1914

      For a simple one-story building, this one calls attention to itself
      well with the lovely ornamental brick on the front facade. The
      mustard-colored glazed brick and the contrasting white brick form an
      unusual motif across the cornice line. Also notice the old neon sign
      which still announces "John T. McInnis Printing" on the

      Detective Bev looked into it this afternoon, and this is her report:

      I spoke with Lesson Pomeroy III, who now owns the part of the
      building with the sign. I went to his new building and office on
      Glassed, just North of the Orange Circle. Thank God he was an old
      timer and willing to help. "He owns a lot of the downtown
      city," I
      was told.

      "John T. McInnis was an upstanding member of the community and
      had a good business going. He and wife Pearl tried to have children
      but hadn't, so they adopted Jim. Many years latter they had John
      who was named after his father. Jim went off to college, on to the
      arm services and out of the picture. John grew up in the city of
      Orange and was Lesson's best friend through school. He was the
      favored son. Lesson went off to college and he is not sure if john
      went to college, but know he never graduated from one. In the early
      60's, Dad turned the business over to John and John ran it into
      bankruptsy. About that time Pearl died and a few year latter, John
      was found up in the San Bernardino mountain dead. No one know if it
      was murder or suicide.

      "Meanwhile, Jim had been recognized for his intelligence by the
      military and school for secret spy service. He brought Dad to his
      home outside Washington, D.C. to join his wife and family of adopted
      children (he adopted a child from every country he worked in.) Dad
      John is now dead and Lesson doesn't think Jim would know much
      about the Printing business his dad owned."……so said Lesson
      Pomeroy, architect and local landowner.

      GREAT WORK BEV! - there is a photo she took of the outside of the
      building in the files: Photos/Places DB lived/Orange, California

      Ken...did you or your family know of the McInnis family and their
      printing shop?

      ~~ Keith
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