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246[aloha-donblanding] Re: The Fire

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  • Bill McMurray
    Feb 2, 2000
      Some further thoughts on this subject;
      The whole poem Farewell To Vagabond's House is longer than the
      original.Now Vagabond's House was published in 1928 and Songs of The Seven
      Senses was published in 1931. ( I have a First edition).Now, from 1928, do
      we allow enough time for the royalities to come in, search for the site,
      design the house, build it, furnish it, live in it for "a full year", lose
      it and all it's contents, recover from the trauma, which, let's agree would
      be devastating, compose the poem which tells the story and get it published
      by 1931.

      For those of you who have not had the pleasure, let me assure you that
      'Farewell To...' is as beautiful a poem as the original.

      Does anyone out there share my 'suspicion' that, long before Hollywood
      caught on to the idea, our Don knew the value of a sequel?

      Gee, I'm not usually so provocitive,but let's think about it.

      Also, folks, let's try to pay attention to Cadia's request and 'cut' the
      previous message from our replies to try to reduce the volume .

      'Nuff said by me for now.


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