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  • kklein
    Jul 17 11:22 PM
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      I have to revise my original report of what I recovered from my parents'
      house. I thought it was a pile of prints. In fact, there are about 13
      prints and one original water color painting of a tropical fish. The
      other twenty pieces contain 28 original ink drawings featured in the book,
      <A Grand Time Living>. Three of the 20 contain three separate drawings
      and two of them contain two. The page numbers for the book are indicated,
      in pencil, on each of the drawings. I checked each one against my copy of
      the book, and each one corresponded to the printed illustration. Eight of
      the illustrations appear two times in the book. I don't have all of the
      illustrations from the book; most of them are the smaller ones that don't
      take up an entire page. Only three of them appear in the book's list of
      illustrations: "Magdalene Remembers," "Mountain Song," and "Mood
      Autumn." It is interesting to compare the scale of the original drawings
      to the print which appears in the book. For example, the watermelon on
      page 90 is 5.5 inches wide, while the original drawing is 13.5 inches.

      I believe I might also have been wrong in assuming that these materials
      were passed from Edyth Genee to Mary E. Cox to my father. I have a number
      of photos of Blanding, as well as some of the prints, that are signed and
      addressed directly to Mary. One photo is dated 1948, so she and Blanding
      knew each other before the publication of <A Grand Time Living>, which
      first appeared in 1950. To further the intrigue a bit, there are also a
      few photos signed by Morris Dollens, as well as others unsigned and some
      paintings by other people I have not yet been able to identify. Though I
      knew Mary pretty well in her later years--she was a regular at
      Thanksgiving and family birthday dinners--I fear I once again displayed a
      low level of curiosity about her early life. Another avenue for research,
      it seems.

      --Ken Klein
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