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2451Re: Welcome to aloha-donblanding

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  • Cadia Los
    Jul 13, 2001
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      Hello, Ken and other new members....

      Oh, boy, do we know a resource when we see one! Ken, the personal
      association with Don Blanding (well, sort of) as well as your
      position at USC make you doubly useful to this group. All bits of
      information help immmensely to piece together the DB puzzle.

      I know there's a copy of the Honolulu Advertiser/Star-Bulletin Index
      at USC. Any chance you can pull photocopies of index pages for me?
      I already have "Blanding" but would like to see what's listed
      under "Lei Day" (1929 and later) and under "Creager" [Scott] between
      about 1937 and 1940. Other keywords and names also come to mind...

      Research aside, I'd also like to welcome new members who've joined us
      in June and July. Come on, now, don't be shy...just jump on in here
      and tell us all why you are a DB fan or what connection you may have
      to DB or his many friends.

      Just this week I've had e-mail from several potential group members,
      including one in Western Australia! Often I get requests for online
      sources of DB poems (there are some, but not many). If any group
      members would like to transcribe some of your favorites and place
      them in the appropriate Files folder, that would be great.

      Our membership roster now shows 101 -- a few of those (including me)
      are multiple e-mail addresses. But the ranks are growing!

      By the way, this site also has a Chat function -- anybody used it yet?

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