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  • Bev Leinbach
    Jul 12, 2001
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      You sure have opened up another door in DB’s life.

      Edith Hope Genee was the editor the American Bard, which in the early 1960s
      was supposed to have been the country's largest poetry magazine. She and
      my father were old friends, having been co-editors of an adult school
      newspaper at Hollywood High in the late 1930s. So she brought the printing
      contract to his printshop. This then led to several poetry book jobs.

      Edith had also been a close friend of Don Blanding's and I gather she
      inherited the rights to many of his illustrations, as they were a constant
      source for inclusion in the American Bard and many of the poetry books
      published by Swordsman.
      Did Edith or your parents ever talk about her relationship with Don? We
      know they traveled to Hawaii together and on book signing tours. Also that he
      lived at her home. A lady I visited in Tucson, Az. said that Edith wanted to
      marry Don but he was not the marrying type, Do you know anything about

      When she passed away, many of the Don Blanding
      prints she had were given to another poet-friend, Mary Cox, who was active
      in the Chaparrel Poets. In turn, when Mary died, the prints passed to my
      father. I am just now in the middle of cleaning up my parents' house and I
      uncovered a pile of Blanding prints, as well as several pieces of Vernon
      ceramics and some sheet music for which Blanding wrote the lyrics.
      Ken can you scan these DB prints and show them to us. As a member, you are
      able to put them in our files.

      Ken Klein
      East Asian Library
      University Information Services
      University of Southern California
      (213) 740-1772
      (213) 740-7437 (fax)
      Wish I had know about you last month\h. I went to the library to research
      Don’s secretary of the 30’s. He graduated from SC in 1926 and I searched the
      old grad books for him.


      Welcome aboard. know you will find it interesting here. Do check out Keith
      Emmons site a www.don-blanding.com <http://www.don-blanding.com/> . You will
      learn a lot there.


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