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  • Nelson Black
    Jun 21, 2001
      Amazing Tom....you are doing yeoman work.....

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      > Got call from a lady in Chowchilla last night. She graduated with
      > Billie Jean Creager in 1942. She says that Billie Jean died about 3-4
      > ago. Scotty did not attend school, at all, in Chowchilla. The family
      > there after possibly being transferred from Texas to Chowchilla where
      > Scotty's dad was the Supervisor for San Jouquin Cotton Oil in Chowchilla.
      > She wasn't sure but she used to call Billie Jean "Pinkie", but then
      > maybe that was Billie Jeans mom...she was going to call some other friends
      > that one. Scotty wasn't very well known in Chowchilla as he was not a
      > "local" though his family was. My contact thought that maybe Scotty and
      > Billie Jean were 1/2 brother/sister as Scotty was obviously much older
      > Billie Jean. In that there might be about 25 years between them, that is
      > certainly a possibility. Maybe Jack Ackers (Billie Jean's husband) can
      > that part up for me.
      > Billie Jeans husband, Jack Ackers (Billie Jean Ackers) is alive and
      > well and presently on a cruise with his new wife. The Ackers (Billie
      > had 5 daughters, all living in Arizona today. No known addresses, etc, at
      > this time, though I think I'll get them.
      > I have the addresses of both of the Creager homes in Chowchilla and
      > contact is going to go over to these homes and talk with owners so I can
      > visit and "browse" the homes for any left over DB treasures...never know
      > know...he left his calling card all over the place.....
      > When Jack Ackers returns from his cruise, I will contact him and see
      > he might have any left over photo's, letters, etc, from Billie Jean that
      > might give us more information. He too lives in Arizona and has a summer
      > place and a winter place...
      > My Chowchilla contact remembered DB coming to her school for an
      > assembly and performance of some kind......she remembered him as being
      > "somebody" but didn't really put him in the famous category. She was
      > to check her yearbooks for any photo's or DB info, if any.
      > My contact will put me in touch with the Librarian (her
      > and the Editor of the Chowchilla Newspaper. From there I can research
      > archives if they still have them....
      > So, what questions do we need to have answered that I have not probed
      > yet????
      > We're hot on the trail.........tj
      > Tempske is next!!!!
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