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  • Cadia Los
    Jun 11, 2001
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      Quoting from DB's March 3, 1956 column in the Star-Bulletin:

      "This brings another memory. Armine von Tempski and her husband, Al
      Ball, were living in my house in Carmel while she was writing the
      first half of her book, Born in Paradise. We were taking a walk along
      the Carmel shore to get the typewriter cramps out of our fingers. A
      group of Sicilian fishermen and their families were seated on the
      grass. They were eating. They had big loaves of delectable dark
      bread. They had wine, garlic, onions, etc.

      "But Armine and I spotted something else, and began to drool. They
      were opening and eating beautiful sea-urchins. We paused. A big fat
      happy looking woman saw us staring. She said something to the others
      and mockingly offered us one of the sea-urchins. We practically broke
      her wrist snatching it. She saw the happy reminiscent expressions in
      our eyes and realized we were veterans to this fare. We were invited
      to join them. After that, these nice people would call us when they
      went sea-urchining, and we'd drop whatever we were doing and speed to
      the feast."

      DB lived in Carmel from about September 1936 through early 1940,
      though he traveled far and wide during this time. He married Dorothy
      Putnam on June 13, 1940 in Florida. DB died in Los Angeles on June
      9, 1957.

      I believe Armine's books were published by Dodd, Mead.

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