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2404Re: [aloha-donblanding] Virgin of Waikiki

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Jun 10, 2001
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      This isn't about the infamous Virgin but some info about
      Chowchilla........There isn't any info on DB or Scotty yet, however, tj just
      returned from a family reunion in Fresno...so, on the way home, tj stopped in
      Chowchilla and handed out some flyers to the open antique shops, Senior
      citizen center (well, it was open, unlike the rest of the town!). Out of
      this, I found one shop owner that has a phone book from 1937 (she thinks) and
      she will check out the Creager name to see if there was a listing and contact
      me. I also obtained the names of some originals from the Chowchilla area now
      in there 70's that might be leads. I have the name of the High School
      Principal and will follow up with him on year books. The local newspaper
      publishes once per week and has been in business for 87 years and who knows,
      might have some archived articles, etc...(unless super slueth Keith has
      already gone there)..one shop owner told me there was a flood in town and the
      basement of the newspaper was flooded and much was lost...this happened in
      Carmel also.......any connection to DB??? (smile)
      There was absolutely no other action in this town of 6200 people. It
      was Sunday and all 15 churches were full and nothing else was open....tj
      found a small RV park however, and at least the Blandingmobile will have a
      place of honor when tj follows up on any leads that might surface....if
      any....we'll see.....Only one shop owner even heard of DB and of 4 open
      shops, only 2 even knew of the Vernon Kilns work of DB.......there is a
      Madera County Historical Society and I will follow up on that to see what if
      anything might be known......the current coordinator of the Historical
      society lives in Chowchilla and is original family to the area...we'll see
      where this takes me.....also any other info on Scotty would be helpful.....
      After a lay-off of 5 months of DB hunting due to family caretaking
      issues, it felt good to get into the fray again, even if it was in
      Chowchilla....believe me, this town is not growing at all.....Main St had
      maybe 5 cars on it when I went through.....I can't see DB staying there for
      long...hot, dusty and flat....not the environment that DB liked, for
      sure.........keep you all posted on anything new..........tj
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