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2353Not many rules...

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  • Cadia Los
    May 8, 2001
      Not too many rules around here...but it does help to write replies on
      a clean slate and, in any case, stick to one subject per message.
      Some of us keep electronic or paper message files, which can become
      hopelessly tangled up! Then, too, duplicate text takes up precious
      space on members' e-mail systems, and some simply may not want to re-
      read material they've already seen and perhaps deleted.

      A note to those who receive the digest form: When responding to a
      message, please replace the subject line (Digest No. xxx) with a
      specific subject. To 90% of the members, the reference to "digest"
      is meaningless.

      And, to everyone, please remember that this message board is public
      (unlike the remainder of the website, which is restricted to members
      only). If you need to provide a home address, phone number or
      similar information to a group member, please do so privately.


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