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2345Dave Ballard's "Vagabond's House" recordings [NEW THREAD]

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  • Clueless in Seattle
    May 7, 2001
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      My old thread about Dave Ballard's "Vagabond's House" recordings got
      hijacked for a another discussion about Lucille Richardson, Patty
      McCabe, Evelyn Cravelli, et al., and I'm having a hard time waiting for
      some news about those D.B/D.B. (Dave Ballard reading Don Blanding) LP's
      so I thought I try to pick up where we left off ir that's ok with the
      rest of you:

      Cadia Los had just written:

      > Maybe HALF a dozen versions...one is the private recording, another
      > is on one of Dave's four LP's and the others are from assorted
      > Reflections programs between 1970 and 1973 (later broadcast on KBLE
      > and other stations in 1978-81).

      And I had responded by asking:

      > LP's?! You mean all these years I could have just gone to a record
      > store and bought an LP of Dave reading "Vagabond's House?" Oohh! I
      > could just kick myself!! Well, there are still yard sales and thrift
      > stores. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one.
      > What label were they on?

      And that's when the conversation drifted off to another topic.

      Does the lack of response mean that no one knows anything about these
      Dave Ballard LP's?

      Or just that I need to be more patient in waiting for a reply. I mean,
      I've already waited 40 years. What difference would a few more weeks
      make? :)

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