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  • keith2draw@home.com
    May 6, 2001
      Aloha everyone,

      Been involved with family matters, and of course our ever-needy
      house. I never realized how much attention a yard needs...I'm
      currently battling dandilions...I'm sure they are one of the Biblical
      plagues! The thing is, they are kinda pretty...and if it weren't for
      the fact they were labeled "weeds," we might be cultivating them. I
      wonder what Blanding would have thought about them.

      Have taken a much needed break from Blanding...but the research
      beckons again. Thanks to all who expressed Lei Day greetings and
      thoughts. I guess Dr. Lovell missed yet another Lei Day deadline.

      Tom, you seem to know alot about Hawaiian folk. What do you know
      about Blanding's friend and estate manager Frank S. Lindsay? I know
      virtually nothing about him, and would be curious to know when he
      passed away, and if he had any survivors. I believe he was still
      alive in the early '80s.

      Hey, did you guys know that a poem from 'Pilot Bails Out' was
      featured in the film "God is my Co-Pilot"...?

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