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234[aloha-donblanding] A request

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  • Keith Emmons
    Feb 1, 2000
      Hello all,

      I have a favor to ask everyone. I'm trying to figure out something
      involving a poem called 'Someday' in the book Vagabond's House. The
      poem is actually very eerie, as it is a request by Blanding to be
      cremated when his time came. I have no doubt that this poem WAS the
      reason he was cremated soon after his death in 1957, unless he also
      stated it in a will or to friends.

      In the earlier versions of the book, the request in 'Someday' is to
      Earl Cohan. Sometime later, the request is made to Earl Challenger, his
      artist friend who shared the Vagabond's House Studio in New York City
      in 1929-30, where they painted exotic screens for local galleries. He
      also co-painted the color frontispiece to Hula Moons.

      Here's my favor: Can everyone look in their version(s) of Vagabond's
      House and email me with their copy's edition, year of publication and
      whether it is Cohan or Challenger. This way I can narrow down exactly
      when he switched it. Please email me direct, instead of through this
      website, so that we don't bore everyone and use up valuable space. My
      email address is: keith2draw@...

      I'm not sure if Earl Cohan is the same person as Earl Challenger, in
      which case why did he change his last name?... or if it's a
      coincidence, or if it was simply a typo or miss-print, as Cadia has

      Also, if anyone has any biographical info on either persons, please let
      me know. I just have this funny thing about unanswered riddles.

      Thank you very much... Keith
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