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233[aloha-donblanding] Re: Vagabond House

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  • Keith Emmons
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Gayle asks: Did DB ever build his vagabond's house as it was written in
      the poem?

      The best way to answer your question is to quote DB from 'Joy is an
      Inside Job', page 11: "Vagabond's House has been four times a House of
      Wood and Stone." Here are the houses and a brief history of each:

      1. 1926 - Hollywood, California - From a 1957 Current Biography
      article: "In the same year (1926), Blanding sailed for California. In
      Hollywood, he built his first "Vagabond's House" and carried out the
      Hawaiian way of life with hikieas and cushions instead of chairs and
      sofas. Among his best-known work of that period was the mural border in
      the pavilion of the Hotel Huntington in Pasadena." In 'Songs of the
      Seven Senses'(1931), Blanding says "Farewell to Vagabond's House",
      which describes how his home burned down.

      2. 1936 - Carmel, California - Completes the book 'The Rest of the
      Road' here. Also writes a weekly column for the Carmel Pine Cone. Owns
      a trailer home, Vagabond's House-on-Wheels, and tours around the
      country in it. Sells his Carmel home in 1940 when he moves to Florida
      to get married to Dorothy Binney.

      3. 1951 - Bend, Oregon - A Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, published
      8/26/52, states "For the last 15 months, Don Blanding has lived in
      Bend, Oregon, high in the Cascades of Central Oregon. Don described
      Bend as "Hawaii with a shaggy dog front." In this gorgeous mountain
      country, which Blanding knew as a very young man, he spent almost a
      year and a half in study. He did no writing during that time." Blanding
      went on his year-long cruise into micronesia soon after this.

      4. 1953 - Honolulu, Hawaii - In a studio in a Chinese courtyard,
      Blanding completes "Joy is an Inside Job", as well as contibutes a
      weekly Saturday column of humor, commentary and philosophy for the
      Honolulu Star-Bulletin called "Don Blanding says 'Aloha'".

      He spent his last days in Los Angeles (between touring), where he died
      in 1957.

      Gayle, if you ever have a chance to read WHERE IS VAGABOND'S HOUSE NOW?
      in 'Joy is an Inside Job', it will explain alot. He considered
      Vagabond's House to be where ever he happened to be at the moment,
      whether it was a studio in New York City, or a freightor cruising
      through the South Seas.

      His present 'Vagabond's House is... West of the Sunset and East of the
      Dawn... N.M.A. (No Mailing Address).

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