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2329Re: [aloha-donblanding] Dave Ballard's "Vagabond's House" recording?

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  • Michael Brookman
    May 2, 2001
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      Great story! Wish I could help, but I'm sure someone out there on the site
      will, Will. Good luck, michael

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      Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 8:04 AM
      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Dave Ballard's "Vagabond's House" recording?

      > Aloha!
      > My name is Will, but online everyone calls me "Clueless." It probably
      > won't take you long to figure out why.
      > I'm writing to your list hoping that one of you might have some clues
      > or leads I can follow to track down an old recording of "Vagabond's
      > House" I heard on the radio decades ago.
      > Back when I was in high school, here in Seattle in the late fifties,
      > there was a guy on the radio who read poetry backed with lush musical
      > accompaniment one night a week. His name was Dave Ballard and he called
      > his program "Reflections." I happened to tune in for the first time the
      > night he read "Vagabond's House" and was captivated by it. I became an
      > instant fan, tuning in every Sunday night at ten (I think I've got the
      > night right, I can't say if I've got the time right. Maybe one of you
      > knows for sure) while I did my homework for Monday morning.
      > It turned out that "Vagabond's House" was one of his most requested
      > readings and I got to hear it at least a couple of more times before I
      > got out of the habit of listening to his show. Over the next 40 years I
      > would sometimes think back to Ballard's reading of that poem, but I
      > never knew the name of it and about all I could recall was an image of a
      > big overstuffed chair by the fire, with a couple of dogs sleeping on an
      > oriental rung at their master's feet.
      > Then a few years ago I was talking to an old fellow I met at a
      > collectible coin business, where I was working at the time, and he was
      > working in a room of coin books on shelves from floor to ceiling. And I
      > mentioned to him that I used to collect books and hd kept them in
      > cardboard boxes in my parents' attic with the idea that someday I would
      > have a big house on a bluff with a room full of wooden bookshelves
      > crammed with all my books. But when my parents died I had to sell all
      > those books, and as I'd always been a wanderer I would probably never
      > own a house in my life.
      > And that's when he began to recite some lines from "Vagabond's House"
      > and I was stunned to realize that he was reciting the very poem I'd
      > heard on the radio decades before. The next day he brought in a
      > photocopy of the poem for me and as I read it I was transported back to
      > those Sunday nights in the fifties.
      > I was so excited I decided to try to track down a recording of Dave
      > Ballard reading the poem. I knew that his show was on tape, because he
      > used to send the tapes to Seattle from Hawaii. I found that out from a
      > friend of mine whose parents had been friends of the Ballard's. She
      > gave me the name and address of Ballard's widow. But she never replied
      > to my letters.
      > Do any of you have any idea how I could track down a recording of Dave
      > Ballard reading "Vagabond's House?"
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