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230[aloha-donblanding] Re: Magic Carpet

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  • Keith Emmons
    Feb 1, 2000
      > Before the easy availability photocopiers, it was a common
      > practice to "copy out" recipes, poems, etc., from various sources.

      I'm not sure, but I get the feeling this one is authentic. The photo
      shows lines crossed out and various editing notations. This would not
      have been done with someone simply copying a poem. Also, I think it was
      mentioned that it was written on the back of a phone pad. I can just
      picture Don Blanding sitting in a hotel room somewhere jotting down an
      inspiration on the most readily available scrap of paper... a phone
      pad. As far as I know, this poem did not appear before 'Vagabond's
      House', which would date it around 1928. He would have still been in
      Hawaii, or in his Hollywood Vagabond House.

      Maybe we should all pool our money together and buy it? Start a Don
      Blanding museum with some of TJ's stuff as well.

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