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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Mar 30, 2001
      I'm selling some Blanding items on Ebay:

      Don Blanding designed brochure for Chin Chong the Candle Maker
      # 1129021862 - ends Sunday, April 8th

      Scarf of Stars, by Esther Baldwin York, Don Blanding illustrations
      # 1129025135 - ends Sunday, April 8th

      Vagabond's House CD Recording, dutch auction
      # 1129026075 - ends Sunday, April 8th


      Also, I called the library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
      Sciences, and was told that the Wampus Club (from 'Virgin of
      Waikiki') stood for Western Associated Motion Picture Advertisers,
      and was basically a fraternal group of movie press agents, who were
      mainly known then for annually picking thirteen Hollywood starlets
      as the 'Wampus Babies' for that year. Ginger Rogers and Joan
      Crawford were both Wampus Babies.

      Blanding may have been a member of the Wampus Club...or may have just
      been a guest speaker, invited to read his poetry.


      After over a year of searching, I've finally come across another copy
      of Fioretta; A Tale of Italy. This is the earliest known book that
      Blanding illustrated (1922), and has a color painting of his
      reproduced on the cover, as well as b&w drawings inside.

      When I get it, likely next week, I will be placing it on ebay... up
      for grabs to the highest bidder. I feel that, without a doubt, this
      is Blanding's scarcest book. I only know of a handful of copies in
      the entire country, mostly in the special collections of libraries.

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