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  • adayton@erols.com
    Mar 29, 2001
      Donna! It may be that I did not fully understand what Bill was
      saying. He showed me three notebooks and one of those was information
      from Keith's website. I thought he said the other two were from "his
      niece" but I could have been mistaken. I did not get to stay there
      for more than a few minutes as I had others with me and they were
      anxious to get moving to run some errands. It looked to me as if the
      other notebooks were mostly clippings. I wish that I had taken to
      time to peruse them more carefully. Perhaps next year when we return
      to Maui. We were in the old "Hula Moons" several times and thought it
      was nice. The new one is much more upscale, but fhas nothing to do
      with DB except the use of the name.

      Your vagabond travels sounds great. I spent 26 years in the AF,
      retired in 84 and am still working. Ugh! And retiring in Hawaii yet,
      what more could anyone ask for? I never understood why DB left. I
      know he returned many times, but I think if I were there with a good
      job, I would stay. For example, here in the Washington DC area, it is
      cold and rainy and is going to be that way all weekend. Maui is much

      Take care and thanks for the clarification.

      --- In aloha-donblanding@y..., donwen@a... wrote:
      > Hi "adayton@e..." (sorry I can't find your name),
      > I am the nurse from Tripler who visited Bill Boyd at the Hula Moons
      > when the Hotel was the InterContinental - Early 1990s. Bill was very, very
      > gracious, I had a wonderful time there, and can't thank him enough for his
      > hospitality. Funny, when I heard of the new Hula Moons, I thought it was
      > in Kauai, and searched that Island until Barry Yap, an entertainer at Hanalei
      > Beach told me the place was in Maui!
      > In fact I have our photos and some shots of the decorated restaurant
      > which you can reach through Cadia's Aloha-donblanding website at Yahoo.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aloha-donblanding/files/Photos/Hawaii/
      > Unfortunately they are very large photos and I hadn't figured out how to make
      > them small.
      > I am wondering what notebooks Bill Boyd has, as I was never sold him
      > anything. I don't remember him showing me notebooks. What did you see
      > in the "notebooks" Bill Boyd showed you? Bill Boyd did mention being in
      > contact with some Don Blanding's relative(?) and interest in making a movie
      > of his life. So probably he is confused. I'm definitely not a niece, but
      > like several others on the list, I am a distant Blanding Cousin - going back
      > to the early1800s -- I think I described myself as a "shirttail relative".
      > I'm the one who has just retired as an Army Nurse and is about to head
      > out on my own "Vagabond Trip" in my new Chevy Conversion Van - for a year -
      > throughout the USA. See www.fayettevillemall.com/vagabond where I will
      > document my travels starting the middle of May until I permanently move back
      > to Hawaii.
      > In my travels, I'll be looking up Blanding ancestral homesites. Our
      > Blanding line being in the US since about 1638 spreading out from the
      > Plymouth Bay Colony.
      > You can see Don Blandings lineage at Curt Blanding's website with
      > Acrobat Reader:
      > http://www.pglg.com/blanding/don_blanding/DB-ancestors.pdf
      > Aloha to you all, and wishing the best for Bill Boyd
      > Donna Wendt -still at Ft Bragg at the moment
      > Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 04:21:47 -0000
      > From: adayton@e...
      > > Subject: Re: Outrigger
      > > I visited the Outrigger Wailea Resort in February of this year and met
      > > with a gentleman named Bill Boyd who is the Director of Hawaiian
      > > Culture for Outrigger. He seemed very interested in Don Blanding and
      > > was familar with Kieth's web site. He showed me a couple of notebooks
      > > that they had purchased from Don's niece, a nurse that was stationed
      > > at Tripler Army Medical Center (Hospital). He gave me his card but I
      > > see that he does not have an email address. His phone number is:
      > > 808-879-1922 in case anyone wants to get in touch with him. It is a
      > > shame that the New Hula Moons is not focused on Don Blanding. Bill
      > > Boyd told me that an interior decorator from San Francisco was in
      > > charge of the new Hula Moons and he probably was not aware of
      > > Blanding.
      > >
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