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  • adayton@erols.com
    Mar 28, 2001
      I visited the Outrigger Wailea Resort in February of this year and met
      with a gentleman named Bill Boyd who is the Director of Hawaiian
      Culture for Outrigger. He seemed very interested in Don Blanding and
      was familar with Kieth's web site. He showed me a couple of notebooks
      that they had purchased from Don's niece, a nurse that was stationed
      at Tripler Army Medical Center (Hospital). He gave me his card but I
      see that he does not have an email address. His phone number is:
      808-879-1922 in case anyone wants to get in touch with him. It is a
      shame that the New Hula Moons is not focused on Don Blanding. Bill
      Boyd told me that an interior decorator from San Francisco was in
      charge of the new Hula Moons and he probably was not aware of

      --- In aloha-donblanding@y..., TJMarkle@c... wrote:
      > tj is on line, but busy with family life. I come in and read and exit
      > quickly. We've been caring for my mother in law recently and she goes in for
      > heart surgery next monday 4/2. Spending more time in hospitals than I like.
      > Hopefully after 4/2, Jan and I can return to some normalcy in our life....The
      > Blandingmobile is itching to travel to Chowchilla...soon to be......tj will
      > retire sometime between Oct 1st and Nov 17th, this year....a show in May 2002
      > would be perfect timing for me...how about the others???? tj
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