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  • Cadia Los
    Mar 27, 2001
      Jerry, Keith, Bev, TJ ... all who love a mystery!

      I've added the portrait of a young man I think may be Scotty Creager
      to Files: Photos: Family & Friends.

      This portrait is in the Honolulu photography studio's album that
      contains two portraits of DB along with somebody's wedding and family
      photos. Based on DB's appearance, I am guessing the date to be about
      1937-1939; the age of this man also seems to be mid-30s, a good match
      to Scotty. These three portraits are the only ones of men and all
      are together at the back of the album. DB signed one portrait in
      1950, alluding to the many years gone by.

      Courtesy of TJ, I have seen a small, blurry image of DB and a younger
      man that is supposed to be Scotty. Even from this image, the
      likeness is quite close to the man in the portrait. The receding
      hairline, wavy hair, approximate age and general physique all lend
      credence to my theory. I will also add the small photo of DB and
      Scotty to the Files -- see what you all think!

      TJ has said he does not agree that the portrait could be Scotty. I
      don't recall where TJ said he got the photo(s) that he e-mailed to
      me. Jerry, was this yours? Or do you have a better one?

      I guess I really, really want the portrait to be Scotty -- that would
      make my day, my week, my whole year!

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