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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Mar 26, 2001
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      Welcome back...hope you had a good trip.

      Thank you for going into detail about your recruitment methods...
      they sound comprehensive. I use some of them myself, such as the link
      in my ebay sales. Your probably right, there IS a steady stream of
      bodies coming through your two sites (and mine)...but I just wish
      that we had some more interaction.

      Larry makes a good point, in that not everyone is interested in all
      the biographical details of Blanding's life...very true. No one in
      my "real life" gives a damn about Blanding (except for my father),
      and sometimes I just feel the need to share what I'm coming up with
      in my research...even if it's partly self-gratifying. It's tough to
      be so involved in such an obscure subject as Blanding. Just to know
      that there are people out there who share our interest makes me want
      to place an ad in the Honolulu and Los Angeles newspapers inviting
      them here (I looked into it...too expensive!)

      But perhaps we should shift the focus to discussions of Blanding's
      poetry, his art, and his prose. That way folks who have an admiration
      for his work can come by and feel like they can contribute too.

      By-the-way...the 'Song of the Islands' tape is awesome! It's from
      1934, and in fuzzy color. Blanding has about a 2-minute dialogue near
      the beginning with a woman...leading into the story. The tale is a
      bit hokey, and the acting worse...but it is amazing (and spooky) to
      see Blanding in action...almost flesh and blood. He has another bit
      in the end with the same woman.


      ~~~ Keith
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