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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Mar 25, 2001
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      I have a first edition of 'The Virgin of Waikiki,' which is the
      actual booklet that was printed after the famed Wampus Club dinner,
      when Blanding first read about Virgin Annie.

      There is a name written in the front of the book, which I assume to
      be the former owner of the book, and most likely a member of the
      Wampus Club, as this edition was only given to members.

      I had never taken much notice of the name, as I didn't recognize it,
      but I punched it into a search engine this morning out of curiosity
      (and boredom), and it turns out the name (Trem Carr) belonged to a
      pioneer Hollywood producer, famous for starting several movie studios
      back in the 20s. The Wampus Club dinner was in 1926, and Carr's first
      movie was in 1927...so this book came out just before he made it big.

      Cool, huh?

      I'm trying to find out what the Wampus Club actually was, and have
      sent an email to the Los Angeles Public Library in hopes they have
      some record of it.

      Also, according to a 1926 Los Angeles directory, Blanding was living
      at the Christie Hotel in 1926. He must have shuttled back and forth
      between LA and Honolulu for several years there.

      -=- Keith -=-
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