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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Mar 21, 2001
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      Jerry (et alia):

      I just received a copy of the program for "A Night to Remember" from
      the Great Plains Museum. It has Scotty playing the part of "The Man
      From Hollywood" in one of the skits.

      Since the show was presented on Feb. 1, 2 & 3, 1940, we know for a
      fact that he was still alive then, which supports your LDS findings:

      Scott Crawford Creager - (ancestral file)
      Gender: Male
      Death: August, 1940 - Honolulu, Hawaii
      Burial: August 17, 1940 - Los Angeles, CA

      The curious thing is that also in the production, as part of a
      show, there was a Ruth Creager modelling a "Bird of Paradise" costume.

      It could be Scotty's wife...or just a coincidence of same last name.

      Incidentally, Blanding designed all the costumes in the show.

      Could you ask your mother if the name Ruth Creager rings a bell at

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