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2227List of Books - and Plate, For Sale

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  • windesong@aol.com
    Mar 18, 2001
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      Hope I do this right so the information goes to all of you....I have done the
      list on an attachment....so hopefully you will be able to print it
      out....like I said, some of these were my mothers, and others I've collected
      through the years....

      If anyone is interested, please email me, and if you need further info, I'll
      give you my phone number.....

      Also, are there those out there aware that DB designed the tiles for the
      swimming pool and what used to be the old Huntington Hotel, in
      Pasadena/Arcadia, CA....and does anyone know what happened to them when it
      went through a complete renewal and bacame - I think, a Ritz Carlton Hotel??


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