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2223Re: Does this reply go to everyone?

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  • Cadia Los
    Mar 16, 2001

      Yes, that's the purpose of being in a group. The correspondence is
      centralized so everyone can read and share. We have about 80
      members, so there's a good chance that someone will be interested in
      your books (any rare ones?) and the plate (which pattern?)

      If you'd like to provide a list of what you have, that will give
      everyone a chance to consider. Then, private e-mails are in order to
      complete a sale.

      The group website at


      provides a members list, chat and, of course, the message board. You
      would certainly be welcome to upload photos to Files: Photos: Members
      to help illustrate what you have available.

      As for eBay, that's always an option, with a much wider audience. It
      will also give you an idea of how much DB's books and VK dishes bring
      at auction. Most of the people in this group also hang out at
      eBay . . . a lot!

      Thanks for checking in!

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