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2218Availability of Films Narrated by Don Blanding

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  • adayton@erols.com
    Mar 15, 2001
      I don't know if anyone is interested and you may already know the

      There are four films made in the early thirties where DB provided the

      Three of these are: The Island of Kauai; The Island of Maui; and
      Alohaland: the island of Oahu. These are ten-minute films, which are
      mostly travelogues. The fourth film is "Song of the Islands, about a
      38 minute 1934 motion picture. From the following email, there may be
      a fifth tape narrated by DB, but I do not know anything about it.

      If anyone is interested in getting copies of them, VHS videocassettes
      of these films are available from the Bishop Museum for $50 each. The
      following is an email I received from the Museum on how to obtain

      "Your question to the Bishop Museum Shop was passed on to the Archives
      Department, where the videotapes you wanted can be ordered. These are
      not kept in stock but are copied when they're requested.

      Each tape is $50. There will be a postage charge additionally which
      will depend on the total cost of your order.

      There is another tape of the series you're interested in, which is
      "The Island of Hawaii". It's the same length; produced by the same
      people at the same time, but of course is just about Hawaii.

      If you do want to order, it'll take 7 to 10 working days to process
      from the day we receive your full payment or a credit card number."

      DeSoto Brown

      DeSoto Brown <desotob@...>
      CC: shop@...
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