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  • karen Cotter
    Feb 28, 2001
      Cadia - All the L.A. channels carried the quake news all day with great
      photos and detailed information..our reporters were on scene within an hour.
      Glad you are OK, I just got an e-mail from an eBay seller from whom I bought
      a doll (Seattle/Tacoma) and she had quite a lot of breakage.
      I've had more than my share of quakes here in L.A. dating from the 1952
      Bakersfield quake, the Alaska quake (a tidal wave did wreck Crescent city,
      CA from that one), the Sylmar quake in '71, the Whittier quake in '80 and
      last but not least, the '94 quake which devastated my neighborhood in the
      San Fernando Valley.

      I know the fear, and it's not something to be taken lightly. So glad you
      are OK - I raised the stock market price on earthquake putty all by
      myself...all my "goodies" are firmly puttied down and have been since 1971.
      Perhaps a bit paranoid, but better than hearing the crashing of all of one's
      china, Royal Copenhagen, etc!

      A big hug to you and a thankful thought that you are OK!

      Karen C. kittykowkow

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      > Hi, Keith and everybody...
      > Thanks for your concern.
      > Parts of Seattle (Pioneer Square and the SoDo district south of
      > downtown) sustained some damage, but most of the earthquake's major
      > damage occurred in Tacoma, Olympia and other areas of the South Sound.
      > Fortunately, most injuries were minor.
      > At 6.8 on the Richter scale, this was by far the strongest and
      > longest quake I've felt in all my years in Seattle (stronger than the
      > 1965 quake, when I was living in New York). I stopped counting at 20
      > seconds, and estimate the quake lasted up to 45 seconds.
      > I'm fine. The downtown building that I work in (on the 4th of 5
      > floors) is very old but remodeled and retrofitted. It shook
      > violently; I was braced in a doorway just trying to stay on my feet.
      > The noise was deafening, and the fire alarms added to the racket. We
      > were evacuated for over an hour, then were able to go back in to
      > retrieve belongings and leave for the day.
      > I expect to be at work tomorrow unless the structural engineers find
      > something besides plaster dust and chips, and the new plaster cracks
      > in the stairwell.
      > At home, my huge Howard Chandler Christy painting is now hanging from
      > only one "J" hook on 500 lb. test wire. The other one pulled out of
      > the ceiling. One mini teapot, part of an Occupied Japan teaset that
      > my father brought home to me after the war, was knocked from the top
      > of a bookcase by an acrylic-framed photo that toppled. Among all the
      > glass and pottery on open shelves, it was the only piece that broke.
      > A few pictures were askew, but otherwise nothing else even moved!
      > The TV coverage here is extensive and quite remarkable for the
      > excellent footage that documents this quake. Nationally, I expect
      > you have seen details of the worst damage. In Seattle's main
      > business district, you'd never know a quake happened.
      > ~~Cadia
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