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2183Red Leather Vagabond's House

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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Feb 25, 2001
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      I recently found another red leather edition of Vagabond's House, and
      I'm selling it on ebay (#1116841023).

      As I'm sure most of you are aware, this is a very rare item, as most
      copies are clothbound, and occasionally a blue leather edition pops
      up. This copy from 1932 is different from the one I own, which was
      published in 1937...the gold embossed design on the cover is
      different too.

      I'm starting the bid off at a reasonable $60, and the auction ends on
      Sunday, March 4th.

      I'm also selling Singing Shadows, an anthology of verse from the
      Hollywood Evening School (1950). Blanding designed the cover, and
      provided five inside illustrations. Apparently he donated the
      drawings, and this copy is signed by one of the poets included in the
      book. Also ends on Sunday, March 4th.

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