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  • Bev Leinbach
    Jan 25, 2001
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      Aloha Carol,

      Welcome aboard our Vagabond trip. I was born and raised in North Seattle by
      the Aurora Bridge and always figured DB had been there. I can picture him at
      the Captains Table and even old Invar himself chatting with DB and friends. I
      use to work at Fredric and Nelson’s in the 50-60’s and can picture DB there
      also. He loved the mountains, etc. and I can see his Vagabond House on a
      lake, in the mountains of the Olympic Pen. It is in Seattle that I learned
      about DB when Dave Ballard use to read his work on the radio.

      Anyway, welcome, mahalo, mahalo for your input. We will all be waiting for
      more news from you.


      From: SSchnei548@... [mailto:SSchnei548@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2001 7:47 PM

      Hi: I've just joined the group. I've been a fan of Don Blanding since I was
      a kid in the
      forties. I'd like to share the following: My uncle, Orre Nelson Nobles, who
      was an artist and art teacher in Seattte also ran an "original B & B , called
      Olympus Manor on Hood Canal west of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula in the
      1920's thru 1955 where DB visited several times. Orre, a bohemian, was a
      friend of DB. I observed correspondence from and to DB. One letter said that
      the manor was an inspiration for Vagabond's House. My father, now 93,
      recalls having lunch with DB, Orre and my mother at the Captain's Table in
      Seattle in the late 40's or early 50's, also he says my mother and Orre met
      in Seattle a couple of times prior. More info later.

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