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2028Re: Blanding Address Book

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  • rubiconlaw@aol.com
    Jan 2, 2001
      Great work, that helps put a little more solid handle on things.
      Between time off and ice storms I'm afraid I've fallen behind
      in my
      reading. I did catch your post and had a couple of things handy I
      thought you might be able to use.
      By 1903 the family was at 807 D. I have an address which I am
      assuming is from a letter (have to check that out) : 3/21/31
      Lexington Avenue, NY. As for the Wall Street address in Bend, in a
      letter dated 11/4/51: Apt. 7 Tel. 1425-J. He had gone to San
      Francisco for three weeks lecturing and was planning to stay in Bend
      through the winter and mid-spring "if not longer".
      He also mentioned that he had answered 1,325 Christmas cards the
      previous year!
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