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2016Blanding Address Book

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  • Keith Emmons
    Dec 30, 2000
      I've compiled an address book...where Blanding lived, stayed,
      visited, or at least received mail.

      I'm trying to upload it to the files section...but can't seem to get
      into it (the server is too busy.) I'll try later.

      Eighth & Euclid Avenues, Kingfisher, Oklahoma Territory

      614 Grand Avenue, Enid, Oklahoma Territoty

      107 Seventh Street, Lawton, Oklahoma Territory
      807 D Avenue, Lawton, Oklahoma Territory
      The Old Faithful Inn, Box 165, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

      c/o Sarah Hudson, Bend, Oregon (Aunt Sarah)
      606 Northwest Congress Street, Bend, Oregon (Putnam's address)

      150 East Ontario, Chicago, Illinois (Tel: 4157)
      Quebec & Nova Scotia, Canada

      Various locales, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Crossroads Studios, Richards and Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Fort Shafter, Oahu, Hawaii
      Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii

      Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois
      Somewhere in Chicago, Illinois
      309 West State Street, Rockford, Illinois
      Paris, France & London, England

      Various locales, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Don Blanding Ideas, Room 403, Boston Building, Honolulu, Hawaii
      c/o Madge Tennent, Liliha Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Somewhere in Hollywood, California

      145 East 40th Avenue, New York City
      The S. P. R. Penthouse, New York City

      Somewhere near Westport, Connecticutt

      Taos, New Mexico
      Various locales, Los Angeles, California
      Descenso, San Diego, California (Benbough's residence)
      303 Rosewood Court, Ontario, California (Northe's residence)
      Highland Hotel, 1921 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood

      Post Office Box 105, Taos, New Mexico
      Post Office Box 1585, Carmel, California
      The Garrott House, corner of Bay View & Santa Lucia, Carmel
      Post Office Box 117, Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory
      Vagabond's House, 650 Camino Real, Carmel, California
      Post Office Drawer B-1, Carmel, California
      Post Office Box 841, Hilo, Hawaiian Territory

      "Im-mo-ko-lee", Fort Pierce, Florida
      Post Office Drawer 511, Fort Pierce, Florida
      Post Office Box 467, Fort Pierce, Florida
      Camp Upton, New York, Station #625
      Dodd Mead Company, 449 Fourth Avenue, New York City

      Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
      The Christie Hotel, 6724 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
      Post Office Drawer U, Carmel, California

      1154 North Ogden Drive, Hollywood 46, California
      2231 Ala Wai Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii
      955 Northwest Wall Street, Bend, Oregon
      The MV Metomkin, Microsesia
      c/o The Ed Sawtelles, 2270 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu 15, Hawaii
      345 South Lorraine, Glendora, California (Sawtelles residence)
      c/o Hollywood Book Store, 6760 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood 28
      c/o Tempo Records, 8540 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood 46
      c/o Dodd Mead Company, 432 Fourth Avenue, New York City 16

      1957 and beyond
      West of the sunset and east of the dawn...

      -= Keith =-
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