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1958Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: The Cockburns

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  • karen Cotter
    Dec 12, 2000
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      Now you have piqued my curiousity. The sad thing is that most of the people
      you all are researching seem to have croaked, for the most part, by the
      early 1990's. I was only 18-19-10-21 during those years that I frequented
      the Vagabond but it was a bit pricey for a secretary's salary and my "date",
      for want of a better term, was usually my boss with whom I was going at the
      time...he had plenty of $$$.

      As I recall, and don't hang me if I'm wrong, but I associate the Vagabond
      (besides it's tropical decor) was a fun nightly show and I do believe it was
      a well-done strip show. Lots of music, too, of course. I definitely
      remember some sort of show, and it wasn't a kiddie review!

      The tropical theme was huge in the '50s and early '60s in the greater L.A.
      area and we had, besides the Vag, the 7 Seas on Hollywood Blvd. which
      boasted a beautifully painted picture all along the wall behind the bar with
      a grass hut and periodically, on some sort of timer, actual "rain" would
      fall in a heavy curtain in front of the wall, the lights would go off in
      front of the scene, a bluish light would shine on the painting and
      "lightning" would flash from some sort of track lighting out of sight and
      you would swear you were inside a grass shack yourself in the South Seas
      looking out at the scene. It sounds corny but it actually was done very,
      very well and that spot lasted well into the '70s but as with most things,
      the tropical motif went out of style and it fell on hard times. But, for
      it's time, as well as the Vag, they drew a steady crowd of people every

      The Vagabond was warm and cozy, the 7 Seas was darker and the food was not
      so hot. We just went for drinks and to see that doggone water come down!
      All my companions from those days are dead and scattered and also sadly, I
      seem to be the only one who remembers stuff. Not that they are senile, it's
      just that I am known to be the Queen of trivia and tons of non-essential
      details are stuck forever in my brain. I am sure the few I can scare up
      won't even remember the place. I am having a birthday dinner with one of my
      women friends from those days this Sunday, and if anyone will remember more
      detals, she will. But she doesn't have a clue about DB so that part is
      moot. But as far as the owners go, she might know that..she spent more time
      there than I. The records can be checked only too easily here, and I will
      do that, if you sant.

      I also have a dim memory that someone got murdered there, too, or the owner
      got murdered - SOMEBODY got murdered! That was, I think, around the time it
      closed up. I'll e-mail the Times and find out about that. Maybe as
      happens all too frequently here, the OWNER got hauled away and murdered!

      As I told Cadia and TJ I hate to think about ol'
      DB as he was in his final years. I like people with a little "badness" for
      spice and he was just a tired old guy with RS as a security blanket when I
      saw him.

      Well, we all have the right to fall apart in whatever way gives us peace!

      More later!



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      > Hi Karen,
      > Welcome to the group...I also believe that Blanding in his last
      > number of years was a shadow of his old self. Just looking at the
      > photographs from the late '50's tells a lot. He seemed to have aged
      > overnight.
      > I'm still trying to make the connection between the VAGABOND'S HOUSE
      > club and Blanding. Just last week I was at a 'friends of the library'
      > book sale and I asked a person in line if he knew who Don Blanding
      > was, and he said "Oh yeah, I have a few of his books...he used to own
      > a night club in California, didn't he?"
      > It would be great if we could look in an index of the LA TIMES for
      > references to the club - when it opened, who the owner(s) were,
      > etc...
      > I have a postcard of the club...and a matchbook...I'll post photos of
      > them in the files section when I get a chance.
      > Keith
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