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1956Re: The Cockburns

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  • Keith Emmons
    Dec 12, 2000
      Hi Karen,

      Welcome to the group...I also believe that Blanding in his last
      number of years was a shadow of his old self. Just looking at the
      photographs from the late '50's tells a lot. He seemed to have aged

      I'm still trying to make the connection between the VAGABOND'S HOUSE
      club and Blanding. Just last week I was at a 'friends of the library'
      book sale and I asked a person in line if he knew who Don Blanding
      was, and he said "Oh yeah, I have a few of his books...he used to own
      a night club in California, didn't he?"

      It would be great if we could look in an index of the LA TIMES for
      references to the club - when it opened, who the owner(s) were,

      I have a postcard of the club...and a matchbook...I'll post photos of
      them in the files section when I get a chance.

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