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1933Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Don Blanding Who's Who

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  • karen Cotter
    Dec 9, 2000
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      Hello, Y'all!

      I'm Karen Cotter - North Hollywood, CA, and I'm not in the loop here yet.
      Just joined yesterday. I'm 62 and have been a great DB fan since I was 4
      and first read my mother's DB books. She brought hers back from Hawaii in
      1934 - Leaves From A Grass House, Paradise Loot and Memory Room. Yep, I was
      a very early reader. Couldn't understand most of the words but I loved the
      pictures and looked at them over and over. My mom taught me as a tot not to
      wreck books so I could look all I wanted! Later on I would copy the

      During the last almost 60 years I have never met anyone who knew who he was
      or what he'd done so it's been a lonely DB existence by myself here! :o)

      I found out about you through TJ Markle and had run into Cadia (only I knew
      her as the Glass Duchess) over a year ago on eBay. We'd both been bidding
      on some DB pottery and had a chat. She didn't mention her website so
      perhaps it's wasn't "hatched" then.

      As I told TJ and Cadia, I met DB not long before he died and was horrified
      to see the "fire" out and the Church of Religious Science seeming to have
      enfolded him. All I can say as a renegade Christian, I liked him better
      when he was young, sassy and full of fire for life, not the Lord.

      I sure I will enrage many of you, but that is just my humble opinion.
      However, as an old bat, I just hope I never lose the fire in my gut and my
      love for getting out and tramping the countryside and end up at a table
      endlessly scrawling my little top-hatted bird for a bunch of twittering old
      white-haired biddies like I am getting to be!

      T'was very sad and I prefer to remember him "as he was", warts and all!

      I'm online every evening and would love to talk to any of you who can fill
      me in on the "missing years" between 1947 and 1957...Bev L., Cadia said you
      had done a lot of research on the Hollywood/Glendale era - I'd sure like to
      have your take on what turned the tiger into an old pussycat! Please e-mail
      me when you have time and tell me all! (Unless you are writing a book and
      are keeping it a secret!)

      Best regards to all - Karen

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      > Tom,
      > Madge says the following:
      > "Wild and crazy chain of acquaintance! Hi back to Tom! His sister
      > Diana was my age and a pal in high school."
      > Keith
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