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1930Re: Ada Virgina Hull

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  • Keith Emmons
    Dec 6, 2000

      I just received the book 'Trees In The Wind', by Ada Virginia Hull,
      from interlibrary loan. No illustrations in it at all, but it does
      have a photo of trees in the front of the book by her husband Lonnie

      The book is an anthology of poetry by various poets on the subject of
      trees. There are two by Blanding (from 'Memory Room' and 'Let Us
      Dream'), one by Edythe Hope Genee (from 'Sequins for Calico'), and
      one by Esther Baldwin York (from 'Scarf of Stars').

      And of course Ada has six of her own poems. One was previously
      published in the Hollywood Evening School of Poetry anthology...which
      is where she may have met Blanding, as he illustrated their
      anthologies for three years in a row, in the fifties.

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