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  • donwen@aol.com
    Dec 2, 2000
      Nice web page, Keith. At last we get a chance to see what you look like. :-)
      I am trying to get a web page going as I retire . I am embarking on my
      "Vagabond Tour" for a year or more, and I'll be describing my experiences.
      It starts with my Retirement Party, at Ft Bragg, NC, then next page shows my
      departure from the Dover AFB Space-A Terminal. Now I'm in Hoenfels, Germany
      with my daughter's family for a month, will fly to England and Wales in
      I plan to put my household goods into storage, get a van and in
      April, start traveling up into the North East US. There I'll spend alot of
      time researching the Blandings of Mass. / New York / and Pennsylvania - and
      try to make the connections between Don Blanding's family and my Blanding
      family. I'll be traveling for a year before setting down some kind of roots
      back in Hawaii.
      My Always Under Construction web site is at
      I'll still be receiving my aloha-donblanding e-mail - I've brought
      my laptop computer with me and I'm using my daughter's today.
      aloha, for now, Donna Wendt donwen@... in
      Velburg, Germany

      <<<<<I've just designed a homepage for my ebay sales, which mentions our
      Blanding research and this website. It even has a picture of my ugly



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