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1910Ada Virgina Hull

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  • Keith Emmons
    Nov 28, 2000
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      Thanks for the emails on Ada Virginia Hull. I'll add the new details
      to the Who's Who soon.

      You mentioned that Ada was married to Alonzo Bemis Hull, or Lonnie
      Hull as his friends knew him. He was the photographer of Blanding's
      pictures in 'Joy is an Inside Job'.

      Incidentally, as a recap, Ada composed the following songs of DBs:

      FOUR ROADS, Wesley Webster Pub., 1939
      Words by Don Blanding (from Let Us Dream, 1933)

      REDWOOD FOREST, Accurate Photocopy & Blueprint Co., ca. 1948
      Words by Don Blanding (from Mostly California, 1948)

      VAGABOND'S HEART, Wesley Webster Pub., 1939
      Words by Don Blanding (from Paradise Loot, 1925)

      YLANG-YLANG FLOWERS, Wesley Webster Pub., 1939
      Words by Don Blanding (from Flowers of the Rainbow, 1926)

      She also published a book of verse entitled 'Trees in the Wind',
      Caxton Printers, Hollywood, 1956 - 104 pages, with illustrations.
      Could they be Blandings drawings?

      ...and she published a poem entitled "California Leis" in 'Paradise
      of the Pacific', May 1, 1950.

      Other than that, I know nothing else about her, so it'll be exciting
      to find out what info we get from her grandson.

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