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1904Re: Don Blanding Who's Who

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  • rubiconlaw@aol.com
    Nov 27, 2000
      Terrific job on the list, how helpful it will be!
      I've come across a few names I didn't see on the list. Some of them
      I'm sure you have, I hope the others are helpful...

      Lucile Henderson, childhood friend, Lawton

      Madge Tennet, artist, graduate of the Slade School of Art in London.
      In the late `20s (?) she was in Hawaii and on Saturdays would share a
      model and her studio with 3 or 4 other artists. DB lived in her
      quest house.
      --letter from Margaret McClaim, 7/6/1984

      Mabel Franz, Knoxville, TN
      During WWII DB wrote a number of letters to a woman he addressed
      as "Dear Lady". It may have been Ms.Franz.

      Frank Wichita, friend from Temple, Texas. In 1946 he was studying
      music at UCLA.

      Ralph Peek, Lawton. According to letter to Lucile Henderson (6/9/46)
      he supplied the photo of Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountains outside
      Lawton from which DB drew the illustration for "A Name for My
      Mountain" in "Today is Here"

      Reverend James Nobel, Christened DB at the Blanding home 1/27/1895 or

      Helen Ware, actress, Carmel

      Fannie Heaslip, I know nothing about her but in a letter written in
      1942 he said that he had know her for years.

      Elly, DB's typeriter
      --letter to Lucile Henderson, 2/26/1952

      Tiana Pitelle, Tiana Pitelle Shops, 2200 Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki (?)
      She had discussed fabric designs based on his drawings and,
      following his death, continued the discussion with Edythe and Carmen.

      Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Baldwin, from Indiahoma, OK
      In 1946 he saw them frequently.

      Bill Crawford, Lawton Constitution

      Arthur Lawrence, President of the Comanche County Historical Society,
      late `50s.
      (the Historical Society became the Museum of the Great Plains in 1960)

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