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1877Re: [aloha-donblanding] Carmel Show

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  • Merle Prusia
    Nov 21, 2000
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      Tom-what a wonderful report on the Carmel show! I really would like to have
      a copy of your first and last day tape. Please advise re: cost. Thanks,
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      > On Saturday the Carmel show ended (tears). The show was described as
      > the most succssful show the Carmel Heritage Society has had to date.
      > Don/Michelle, Tom/Jan, did video's of 4 people on Saturday that brought
      > eyes to all. The people interviewed were inspiring and informative. It
      > such a pleasure to capture their "stories" on video. It's hard to convey
      > affection these people had for DB. He inspired them, encouraged them and
      > maintained contact with them at all costs.
      > Babette, that maintained contact with Blanding until his death, was
      > first licensed female pilot in the USA. DB did a story about her in the
      > Carmel Pine Cone. In WW2, she flew BOMBERS and met her husband who is
      > living with her today. They flew bombers together in WW2. She was so
      > by Blanding and then our show, she was moved to tears with her
      > Clyde, corresponded with DB while he fought in the Philipines. Clyde
      > then wrote his own poetry book and did the artwork himself, a copycat of
      > style...a wonderful book and a wonderful story. Clyde has had a partial
      > stroke now, but proudly showed up for the interview. He was a 6th grade
      > school teacher after the war until his retirement. He read Stowaways to
      > class until the book fell apart and they enjoyed it each time he read
      > it.....he was there when Gen. MacArthur returned to the Philipines with
      > famous photo, wading through the water to the beach.....
      > Louise, now in her 90's, was in a DB play in Hawaii and was dressed
      in a
      > flower costume. She couldn't remember the name of the play or the date.
      > memory was not working well that day! She described DB's personality as
      > "Carbonated"! I asked her what that meant and she said, "always
      > he never stopped! Louise was a talking show for sure, she was a delight
      > a treasure.
      > Kay, who still lives in Carmel, met DB during a theatre party and
      > to his house with the cast. She remembers seeing the famous glass ship at
      > his house that night. Kay is the person who got me started in Carmel with
      > the show.
      > Then as we concluded the video interviews, we had a young man in his
      > show up. He had just heard of the show and walked in with a brief case
      > of Blanding material! It turns out he is the grandson of Ada Hull! He
      > letters, post cards, photos (Bend Oregon) and then pulls out several
      > DB prints his grandmother left him. He has two more at his house. He has
      > reel to reel tape of music his grandma recorded, using DB's poetry. I
      > him if he could convert it to tape or CD, and he will check that out.
      > prints are originals and wonderful. He said he would make me copies of
      > everything he owns and send it to me. I will share with the group when I
      > them. He made a real connection with my co-host Don Stewart as they are
      > musicians in kind!
      > And so, the show concluded at 4pm, with Ada's grandson and a wonderful
      > display of DB's stuff........we thought it appropriate to end like that!
      > did tape Ada's grandson also, (his name is Rick).
      > Now on to Chowchilla and the gateway to Yosemite!.................tj
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