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1753Re: Scotty Creager

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  • Keith Emmons
    Nov 2, 2000
      You were asking about Scotty Creagor...here's all the info I have on
      him, which is sketchy at best:

      * He was born about 1900 or 1901, possibly in California.

      * Sometimes spelled Creagor...sometimes Creager.

      * Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Creagor.

      * Had a sister named Billie Jean.

      * Family had a home in Chowchilla in the 30's.

      * Was possibly a scriptwriter in Hollywood.

      * First read "Vagabond's House" around 1932, and vowed to meet Don.

      * Became Don's secretary around 1933, while in L.A.

      * Helped with "Memory Room", named the sketch 'Lotus Dream'.

      * Stayed with Don in Taos in 1936. Travelled for two months afterward.

      * Lived with Don in Carmel.

      * Scotty died near the end of 1939.

      I wrote to the friends of the Chowchilla Library a few months ago,
      asking for any info they might have on the Creagors...and never heard
      back from them.

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