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1750Scotty Creager

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Nov 1, 2000
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      For the past month, tj has been digging into Chowchilla via emails in
      and around the City. I've received 3 responses and no one is able to
      identify the Scotty Creager name anywhere within what exists today. I did
      learn that the Chowchilla Library is suppose to go on line either in Dec 2000
      or Jan 2001, which might help in digging into their archives. Does anyone
      really know that Scotty was born or raised in Chowchilla? I know DB donated
      all his books to the Chowchilla library when he left Carmel and it is thought
      that occurred because Scotty was from Chowchilla. Does anyone have any other
      information or leads in this area.
      tj is going to go to Chowchilla in the next couple of months but was
      hoping to have some better more concrete leads to follow up on as we did in
      Carmel. If not, tj will start at the Library as usual and go from there.
      Thanks for any help on this...tj
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