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17[aloha-donblanding] Re: Blanding

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  • TikiRoom18@aol.com
    Jan 17, 2000
      In a message dated 00-01-18 01:26:14 EST, you write:

      << At the moment, I'm
      mainly working on creating a complete bibliography on the written works
      of Blanding, as I think that is equally important. It's painstaking
      work, as I have to go back through old issues of magazines and
      newspapers that I know he contributed to. My goal is to catalogue every
      poem he wrote, where it first appeared in print, and each of it's
      subsequent reprints. He "retreaded" many of his earlier poems, making
      small changes or sometimes just simply renaming them. >>

      Has anyone spent time in the Honolulu newspaper archives, researching the
      2 years that Blanding spent in writing daily poems for Aji-no-moto? I would
      suppose this would be an very interesting place to research. I know the
      branch libraries in hawaii have all of this on microfilm but it would take a
      LOT of time to go through, day-by-day .Blanding himself has written that some
      of these poems were re-worked into his first 2 small books... I think it has
      already been discovered that somone who makes a living at writing sends his
      writing to whoever will pay sometimes, and it is difficult to try and track
      these down... did Blanding keep any records? Whatever happened to his estate?

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