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169[aloha-donblanding] Re: Message Sequence

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  • Bill McMurray
    Jan 30, 2000
      Thanks, Mary
      for the info you passed on to Dave regarding the 'received' bar. I've had
      my computer since last August and was not aware of that possibility.

      I read the DB letter you posted. It's great! I have in my possession a
      book of poems that was published in 1931. The poet was a 'friend of a
      friend' of my mother's named William Sydney Neilan. I only bring this up
      here because he seemed to share Don's opinion of the critics. The last
      half of the last poem in his book reads like this:

      Not for mansion, not for gold,
      Not for transient touch of fame
      Have I written lines so bold
      My inner urgings were to blame

      Caustic critic waste no time
      Picking flaws and finding fault
      In my crude constructed rhyme
      Which lacks polish, but has salt.
      With some verse of minor note
      Rhymes of mine, perhaps may claim
      Place beside some verse remote,
      This has been my only aim.

      > From: Mary Repass-Friend <jmfriend@...>
      > To: aloha-donblanding@...
      > Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Message Sequence
      > Date: Saturday, January 29, 2000 7:50 PM
      > Dave,
      > Try clicking on the "Received" bar above the section that identifies when
      > your email was received. One click should arrange it newest to oldest,
      > another click should reverse it, oldest to newest. You probably
      > accidentally clicked on one of the other sections, like "From" which
      > arrange it alphabetically, etc.
      > Good luck,
      > Mary R-F
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: David W. Nicholas [mailto:dwvalue@...]
      > Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2000 6:49 PM
      > To: aloha-donblanding@...
      > Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Message Sequence
      > Help:
      > Can someone tell me how to start reviewing messages from the most
      > recent to the oldest, as opposed to the opposite? I've read and
      > enjoyed them all, but would prefer to be able to check to see what has
      > been added to the list since my last visit to the site than have to
      > click through the lot to find the latest.
      > As a Don Blanding fan of lesser scope and understanding, I find your
      > interaction (indeed, your very existence as a group) fascinating. I'll
      > be delighted to remain on the sidelines and enjoy the parade, even
      > though I have found it necessary to modify the feature that brings
      > every message into my mailbox.
      > Thanks for allowing me to participate.
      > Dave Nicholas
      > Fairview, NC
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