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1676Re: Carmel Show

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  • Jim Whiteley
    Sep 28, 2000
      Thanks for the info. Edythe had finsished "No Strings on Tomorrow"
      following Don's death but Dodd, Mead wouldn't publish it. I was
      wondering what happened to it. It's nice to know it survived and is
      safe. Do you know it's history in the intervening years?
      The subject matter is interesting. We have the manuscript notes
      for "The Fellow I Live With" (in what seems to be a similar binder)
      which he started in the late 40s. It too is very metaphysical,
      religious and introspective. I've only read parts, it's very slow
      going when you don't know the references. On the same subject, in the
      late 40s there were a number of "4 point letters" between Don,
      Edythe, Hyln, and Catherine (?) which they circulated among
      themselves offering advice and insights. Apparently, they were all
      involved in the Church of Religious Science and were exploring its
      philosophy together.
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