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1673Re: [aloha-donblanding] Carmel Show

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Sep 27, 2000
      The infamous unpublished manuscipt is titled: "No Strings On Tomorrow". tj
      has read the entire manuscript and is about to re-read it again. It is very
      religious and philosophical and reflected DB's passion to understand his
      spitirtual self and his life as it related to the world at that time. Some
      of it, is (in my opinion) not DB's best writing but there were moments of
      brilliance and reflections of the "old" DB that most of us would recognize.
      tj is working with others to further understand the context of this
      manuscript as it applied to DB at that time. It will need some
      interpretation if it is published as a new work. tj was of the opinion that
      DB had completed his own needs to be popular and was obsessed with
      understanding himself and "what life means". Heavy stuff, but very
      interesting once you get the hang of it............tj
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