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1621Re: newbie seeking info

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  • Keith Emmons
    Sep 10, 2000
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      Hello seadawgee (for lack of another name),

      Don was born in Kingfisher, in 1894, hence the street which is named
      after him. There is no biography, as of yet, written about him...or I
      should say, one IS written, by a Dr. Charles Lovell, but not
      published yet. There is a short and general bio in the back of DB's
      1937 book "The Rest of the Road", page 132-141. Several of the
      members in this group have aspirations of writing about the talented
      and versatile Blanding...and so we all "meet" here and trade facts
      and insight about this elusive spirit. Your welcome to join the dig
      (as I like to look at it) and contribute to our findings. Do you
      still live in Kingfisher? You could be a valuable resource for
      scouring newspapers and records in your area.

      Welcome to the group...Keith
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