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1608Re: Don Blanding In Carmel

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  • Cadia Los
    Sep 6, 2000

      Welcome back to the list! The exhibit in Carmel opens with a
      reception on Sept. 20 and then continues for 6 weeks. Tom Markle
      (aka TJ) is the one to contact. Hope you can free up some time to
      visit Carmel!

      Meanwhile, the exhibit at the Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton,
      Oklahoma, continues through October 15.

      I hope that anyone able to visit one or both will take pictures and
      share with the group. Definitely at the reception in Carmel -- I
      wanna see some faces to go with the e-mail addies!

      No books about Don Blanding exist -- that's one of main reasons this
      website came into being. We keep hoping that Dr. Lovell's book will
      materialize, but so far...nothing!

      JoAnna, Curt and Donna -- a Wisconsin researcher has offered to pull
      copies of marriage records for 7 Blandings in Polk and other
      counties. Not DB's direct line, but several of the names look
      familiar. Will let you know what I get.

      By the way, I am assuming that all members of this group can view
      the "Members" list to get e-mail addresses for any private
      communication. As moderator of the group, I can "see" everything, so
      if there's a section you can't access, please let me know.

      To those who are new to the list, welcome...and, Jerry, it's great to
      have you back! Lots of photos and other stuff have been added to the
      Files and Database, to say nothing of passing 1600 messages (gold
      star to Jim W.!).


      duchess @...
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