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1591Blanding's Work for Vernon Kilns

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  • modern@hialoha.net
    Sep 1, 2000

      I'm not a regular member of this group, but
      I've been reading the interesting posts with
      great interest, plus I live in Hawaii, which
      makes the posts all the more interesting!

      I'm completing a manuscript for a book on
      American Dinnerware, and I'd be honored to
      have group members provide some detailed
      background information about Blanding's
      work with Vernon Kilns in California.

      Anyone have specific background
      information/insight about how he formed an
      alliance with Vernon? I'm aware of the
      patterns....looking for information about his
      venture into the dinnerware business.

      Mahalo. Please feel free to contact me
      privately, too:


      Kathryn Wiese Gibson
      Retrospective Modern Design
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