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1567Hawaii Says Aloha - Star-Bulletin 1956 #2

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 24, 2000
      Another excerpt, as DB writes of "Mahalo":

      May 26:

      "[A friend] asked, 'Did you ever make a Mahalo list, a list of people
      to whom you owe gratefulness for helping you on your way through

      "I started the list with my Mother and Father.

      "Then 'Aunt Cally', the blessed woman who was sort of a community
      Mammy for our neighborhood....

      "Then Mrs. Taylor, my geography teacher, who encouraged my itching
      foot which later led me over half the world.

      "Then Hugh Carrol, the inspired principal of my last years in High
      School who made "learning" an exciting sport.

      "Then Louis Wilson, my splendid art teacher at the Art Institute of
      Chicago, a perfectionist who would accept only the best from us.
      Then Aunty Pinau Kalauokalani and Aunty Lahi-lahi Webb who guided me
      into intimate knowledge of Hawaii....

      "There were the splendid, generous people of Honolulu who gave me my
      memorable year in England and Paris in 1924. Howard Lewis of Dodd
      Mead Company who helped me with my career from 1928 through 1950.
      Riley Allen, Joe Farrington and his father and many others of the
      Star-Bulletin staff who gave friendly encouragement over the years.
      Charles B. Frazier and George Mellen, who started me writing in the
      Frazier Advertising Company....

      "My friend said...'What about the so-called enemies who helped you?'
      He named several people who seemed to have made a pet project of
      belittling, sneering and obstructing my life....

      "Moments of memory came crowding forward. Yes, many a time I might
      have lived it lazy in my career if it hadn't been for the remembered
      remark of a man who said, often and loudly, that I was a flash-in-the-
      pan, a second-rater who would burn out in a few years.

      "Suddenly the verification of the great ancient statement came, 'Love
      thine enemies.' Well, if I can't exactly LOVE them very warmly, I
      can at least honestly and warmly say 'Mahalo' and that might be the
      beginning of love...."