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1494Re: Carmel 1936-40's

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  • dd17th@aol.com
    Aug 4 5:40 AM
      Bev - I'm at work, looking through the DB inventory in the archives.
      Tell me if you (all) want more info on any of the following :

      BOX 6 - Correspondence, Business and Personal
      "This volume contains copies of correspondence on Don and Dorothy
      Blanding, Arnold Applequist and Theodore Milton Wassmer, 1938-1946."
      [these quotation marks are not mine, meaning that this phrase was on
      the cover to the album, I suppose]

      BOX 8 - Flyers, music, etc.
      Folder 6 - Legal documents
      - Last Will and Testament of Donald Benson Blanding (5 photocopied

      BOX 9 - Newspaper clippings, 1938-1986
      [Carmel listed as one of 4 cities in California]

      BOX 12 - Binders and Scrapbook
      - Large scrapbook pages (1931-1937) of correspondence with
      newsclippings and other Blanding information addressed to various
      members of the Henderson family

      I can go into the archives, and if there is not a large amount of
      photocopying, I'll just do it and send it to someone's address.
      Usually, I start charging for research ($15.00) after the first
      ½ hour. We can wave that. {:-Deb

      --- In aloha-donblanding@egroups.com, "Beverly Leinbach"
      <bevbach@h...> wrote:
      > Deb,
      > Have you found anything in the DB Collection specific to 1936-40,
      > related to Carmel? This information might help those of us going
      > to the DB Show on Sept. 20th to stir up memories in people we talk
      > with while there. Always looking for new areas (clues) to follow
      > up on.
      > Bev.
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