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1480Re: New Clues

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  • Keith Emmons
    Aug 3 11:50 AM
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      Bev, I can answer some of your questions.

      I have been in contact with the current head of the Rockford Art
      Guild. She has looked up some info for me (she didn't even know who
      he was) and came up with some interesting stuff. She obtained Don's
      address from the 1919 phone book...it was above a lawyer's office. He
      also taught a course at the Rockford College in "illustrative
      techniques" I believe (I'm at work, so I don't have the facts in
      front of me.) She has not found any reference to his being the head
      of the art league yet. I sent her a copy of 'Vagabond's House' for
      her troubles....She loved it! (another fan)

      Mamo Clark died in 1983 I believe...again my facts are at home.

      In a book on Ruth St. Denis that I leafed through at the library, it
      said that 'The Dance of Pele' was performed in Japan in 1925, when
      she toured there. The author was surmising where Ruth got the idea
      from...I think she performed the play just before or just after
      Japan, and Blanding designed the set. We may find out the answer in
      Ruth's diaries or journals.

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